Event Sponsorship

National Robocon 2023 organising committee, IIT Delhi looking forward for your active support and partnership for the event through following sponsorship opportunities during the event:

Item Code Opportunity Unit Price (Rs.)
RCON1 Link to Company Website through the Competition website 1 No. 10000
RCON2 Promotional E-mail communication to all registered team Members 1 No. 5000
RCON3 Stall of size 2m x 3m to display products on 17-18 June 2023 1 Unit 125000
RCON4 Company Logo on participant certificates 1 No. 100000
RCON5 Company Advertisement on Robocon website (AprMay-June) 3 Months 50000
RCON6 Company Banners at the Entrance of Competition Venue 1 sq. ft. 5000
RCON7 Company Banner inside the Competition Venue (Near Game Field) 1 sq. ft. 15000
RCON8 ID card Sponsorship (with Company Logo) 1 only 200000
RCON9 Presentation about Company on screen at Competition Stadium 1 min 50000
RCON10 Speaking slot at inauguration ceremony 5 min 200000
RCON11 Digital Promotion on Social Media 1 per week 10000
RCON12 Company Banners around Practice Game Field 1 sq. ft. 5000
Additional Event based Sponsorships
RCON13 Quarter-Final Sponsor 1 only 200000
RCON14 Semi-Final Sponsor 1 only 300000
RCON15 Final Sponsor 1 only 500000